The Rising terror in Italy leads to more demand in Armored Vehicles


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Criminals in Italy have to be vigilant because Carabinieri’s pro-terrorism unit was now riding in an armored Jeep Grand Cherokees. The law enforcement agency on away until the end of the year 19 of such specially prepared SUVs. The very first went to Rome officers.

To red accents, a Carabinieri Grand Cherokees carry the familiar dark blue color scheme of the force. In the grille, on the roof, and next to the license plate, there are also flashing blue bulbs. In there, a sliding track has an extra table. The device enables further communication, including the ability to link to the different databases of the Italian Police.

armored jeep

All such Grand Cherokees are powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel which produces 190 horsepower. It joins up to an auto eight-speed, and there is no need to worry unless the bad guys hide in rough terrain even though the SUV does have four-wheel drive. Such SUVs body armor, in relation to a bullet-resistant windscreen, side windows, as well as tires, are found at a dealer unlike with the Grand Cherokees. Also, there are reinforced parts of the suspension which are supposed to improve road handling.

Throughout the Carabinieri fleet, Fiat Chrysler Cars supplies quite some vehicles. For instance, Jeep Wrangler’s started patrolling to force on the Romagna coast to June. Too in 2016, Alfa Romeo handed over into the agency 2 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio’s.

The Carabinieri may have an even faster SUV available to officers in the near future. Before his death, Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, as well as FCA boss, suggested that he had been considering donating an upcoming Purosangue crossover of the Prancing Horse to a law enforcement agency.

The FCA-Italian Carabinieri police relationship developed even closer thanks to its latest armored jeep Wrangler recruitment. This previous week, CEO Sergio Marchionne present the Jeep–or, of course, a number of the journalists at the event ask if Ferrari would be part of a force following which Lamborghini did to a State Police. Interestingly enough, Marchionne did not rule out a possibility, saying it for the first time to her upcoming SUV, Ferrari, as well as the Carabinieri, could team-up. “This morning I went to a Ferrari and see it,” Marchionne replied, noting that it’s going to take a few years until it hits the road.

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Dreams Become Reality

The FCA-Italian Carabinieri relationship was close, so the responses from Marchionne are not all that farfetched. With this in mind, in such an Italian police livery, they digitally clothed our Ferrari SUV vision–so it looks great.

Remember, when Marchionne’s gonna leave FCA in 2019, Maranello may remain in charge. That indicates that’s up to him to decide if to put the police uniform on a utility vehicle from Ferrari or not. A design that, as per Marchionne, “will become a Ferrari in all respects.” Underneath the hood, this could borrow a legendary V12 or even the 488 GTB as well as Portofino Biturbo V8. Don’t exclude either a hybrid option.

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