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Parks & Special Places From the lush green valleys of Katannilik Park to the wild rapids of the Coppermine River, find out about Nunavut's territorial parks, heritage Rivers and other special places.

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Northwest of Rankin Inlet, a large esker snakes across the land, forming a distinct ridge, crowned with sandy blowouts, low tundra, and cobbled ridgetops. To the south lies a chain of lakes, nesting places for loons and long-tailed ducks. Sandhill cranes nest at the edges of sedge wetlands, and prowl the wetlands and adjacent tundra, hunting voles, lemmings and the nestlings of tundra birds. Larger mammals such as arctic fox, arctic hare, caribou, or, rarely, grizzly or polar bears are sometimes seen.

Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park encompasses the esker, part of the chain of lakes, and extends across Iqalugaarjuk (also known as Meliadine River) to the height of land to the north of the river. A park trail extends out the esker to Siksik Lake and almost to Qamanayuk Lake, where a long peninsula extends into the lake. Walking trails also branch from the end of the maintained road, and an Elders’ Cabin and picnic area provides a great view along the esker and over the river and the lakes. Midway through the park, a road branches to the north and ends at the river and at Qamaviniqtalik - a beautiful Thule and modern Inuit site located at rapids on the river.


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