City Update: Toronto


Toronto is Canada’s largest and most diverse city. More than half of the residents who call Toronto home have roots in another country, and almost 200 different languages are spoken here. The result is a vibrant and dynamic culture in business, arts, sports and education. Chestnut Park has two offices for your Toronto Real Estate Agent to serve you better.

The city’s skyline is famous for its CN Tower, now the world’s third tallest tower, and the highest outdoor walk on a building. The glass-floor observation deck offers visitors stunning 360-degree views of the city, Lake Ontario, and the Toronto Islands. But back on the ground, Toronto is known as the city of neighbourhoods, like lakefront Beaches, historic Chinatown and Little Italy. Your Chestnut Park Toronto Real Estate Agent knows the neighbourhoods most suitable for your needs.

Year-round festivals celebrate the city’s diversity and hospitality. Harbourfront events welcome families and a scenic 20-minute ferry ride to the Toronto Islands is a must.

Toronto’s many galleries and museums, especially The AGO and The ROM, are renowned for their stunning architectural presence – and for how long guests want to spend inside. Residents and visitors enjoy world-class theatre and concerts, and crowds regularly fill the Scotiabank Arena (formerly the Air Canada Centre), Rogers Centre, and the BMO Field, to cheer on their favourite local and international teams. The city’s downtown core boasts everything from distinctive boutique experiences to trendy fashions and a dazzling assortment of traditional and innovative restaurants.

Nunavut’s territorial parks, heritage rivers and special places offer numerous opportunities to explore, learn, be inspired, or simply to lay back and enjoy yourself. From feeling the sharp bite of ice on your face kicked up by enthusiastic sled dogs on the way to Qaummaarviit in the spring; watching in awe as the aurora borealis dances overhead in Ovayok where the sun disappears for days; following caribou and wolf tracks through the lush green valley of the Soper Heritage River; to tracing the route of Hearne, Back and Franklin on the Coppermine River to Kugluk/Bloody Falls Territorial Park. Get information here on each of our parks, and how to experience them your way.

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