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Nunavut, “our land“, is defined by its people and places. It is an arctic territory that evokes images of vast space and endless skies, wide tundra plains, ice-capped mountains, lands and seas teeming with wildlife, and rich cultural traditions still practiced today.

Here, the idea of a park or a special place is different – it is linked more to utility and being on the land than beauty and aesthetics. Our parks and special places reflect that – they are prime hunting or fishing spots; they are good camping sites, perhaps used by families for generations; they are places of historical significance – where whispers of the past keep company with the ones who remain; and they are places that bring joy to their inhabitants. They are places filled with awe, meaning and attachment. They are places that say “katjaqnaaq” – I am content in this beautiful and special place. I have found peace, I am home.

We invite you to come north to share the beauty of Nunavut, to listen to the many voices of the land, and to gaze out over its magnificence and exclaim “Katjanaaq!

Nunavut’s territorial parks, heritage rivers and special places offer numerous opportunities to explore, learn, be inspired, or simply to lay back and enjoy yourself. From feeling the sharp bite of ice on your face kicked up by enthusiastic sled dogs on the way to Qaummaarviit in the spring; watching in awe as the aurora borealis dances overhead in Ovayok where the sun disappears for days; following caribou and wolf tracks through the lush green valley of the Soper Heritage River; to tracing the route of Hearne, Back and Franklin on the Coppermine River to Kugluk/Bloody Falls Territorial Park. Get information here on each of our parks, and how to experience them your way.

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