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The Rising terror in Italy leads to more demand in Armored Vehicles


Criminals in Italy have to be vigilant because Carabinieri’s pro-terrorism unit was now riding in an armored Jeep Grand Cherokees. The law enforcement agency on away until the end of

Car Rental Guide in Toronto: 6 Effective Tips to Follow


Renting a car is indeed an intimidating process. Many people often complain about their problems with car rental Toronto. The underlying reason is simple- the dearth of knowledge and skill.

Traveling to Nunavut


Nunavut is a very accessible destination for your vacation plans – only 3 hours away from a major city airport. For visitors wishing to travel to the western Kitikmeot region,

Planning Your Trip to Nunavut


Please read the following information from beginning to end. It will help you know more about what to expect in Nunavut Parks. This information is not definitive and cannot replace

City Update: Toronto


Toronto is Canada’s largest and most diverse city. More than half of the residents who call Toronto home have roots in another country, and almost 200 different languages are spoken

The region, which is now mainland Nunavut, was first populated approximately 4500 years ago by the Pre-Dorset, a diverse Paleo-Eskimo culture that migrated eastward from the Bering Strait region.[16]

The Pre-Dorset culture was succeeded by the Dorset culture about 2800 years ago.[17] Anthropologists and historians believe that the Dorset culture developed from the Pre-Dorset; however, the relationship between the two remains unclear.[17]

Helluland, which Norse explorers described visiting in their Sagas of Icelanders, has been associated to Nunavut’s Baffin Island. Claims of contact between the Dorset and Norse, however, remain controversial.[18][19]

The Thule people, ancestors of the modern Inuit, began migrating from Alaska in the 11th century into the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. By 1300, the geographic extent of Thule settlement included most of modern Nunavut.

The migration of the Thule people coincides with the decline of the Dorset, who died out between 800 and 1500

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